Mizrahi Prose and Poetry: Meet the Authors

Tehila Hakimi, Shlomi Hatuka, Amira Hess, Adi Keissar, Mati Shemuelof, Yossi Sucary

Offering a glimpse into the vital Mizrahi literary landscape, this panel will gather several Mizrahi authors of different generations, backgrounds, and experiences. These well-known authors will be reading from their invaluable work and engaging the audience in a conversation about their specific texts as well as about their more general struggles and challenges. While aiming at giving a flavor of the wide-ranging aesthetics, generic, and stylistic scope of Mizrahi creativity, the panel, more broadly, hopes to give a sense of the intricacies of the Mizrahi story. The reading will be accompanied with English translation to facilitate the discussion with the audience.

This is a virtual event.
Zoom Registration: https://myumi.ch/n8bxy