JCRC/AJC Annual Meeting

Join JCRC/American Jewish Committee of Detroit for its 2021 Annual Meeting on May 12. Throughout the program, hear about updates and events that took place during the last year as we faced the pandemic, as well as the 2021-2022 board slate. During the evening, the inaugural Sheryl “Sheri” Terebelo Schiff Heart of Gold Award will […]

Michigan’s Election Reform Bills: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Recently, the Michigan Senate introduced 39 bills (SB 273 through 311) seeking new election regulations and restrictions because of, what some believe to be, voter fraud or misconduct during the 2020 election. Content of the bills include new identification requirements for requesting absentee ballots, prohibiting the Secretary of State from making absentee applications available online […]

The Injustice System: Exploring Local Bail & Sentencing Reform

Cash bail has led to the mass incarceration of the poor and people of color. In addition, extreme sentencing laws and practices are keeping people, particularly people of color, in prisons for far longer than ever before. Please join JCRC/AJC for a discussion about these issues and how they could be improved in Michigan with […]

After Auschwitz: Antisemitism in America

Nearly half of American adults do not know what the term antisemitism means—or say they have never heard the word. How do we push back against antisemitism and other forms of hate and intolerance when the broader society is ignorant? Why is combating antisemitism also a problem for non-Jews? And how do we work together […]