Trauma in Our Brains and Bodies With Dr. Betsy Stone

Now in month 20 of COVID, we have all been struggling with losses, pain and grief. How does an extended period of trauma impact our bodies and our brains? We don’t think as clearly, we are more emotional, we struggle to make decisions. Join Dr. Betsy Stone for an interactive discussion of the impact of […]

Destiny Defined With Mark Honeyman, B.M., M.A.

Destiny Defined is a unique program that empowers high school students to forge a purpose-filled future. Sessions are a mixture of icebreakers, lessons, group discussions, visualizations/meditations, interactive activities, student presentations, guest speakers, and journaling, in addition to a post-program mentoring experience. Core elements of the program: ● Cultivating a Deeper Sense of Gratitude ● Recognizing […]